Find answers to some common questions about repairs below.

Our Most Frequently Asked Question:

  1. Who is my Gas/Electric supplier? Answer: Please ring this Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524 as tenants change suppliers often and we have no control over this.
  2. Can I put up a satellite dish? Answer: You cannot put up a dish without prior discussion with the management or owners and sometimes both. Please use the website to give exact details and we will call you to discuss.
  3. Who do I contact for a repair? Answer: all details list in detail below. All repairs will start with either a text, email or by filling in the on line contact form.
  4. Who do I contact for my bins? Answer: For Brent Tenants: Brent Bin Collection Information or Harrow: Harrow Bin Collection Information
  5. I have black mould in my bathroom Answer: Mould is a condition that happens when air is not allowed to circulate. Please ensure you open your windows and put your heating on to sufficiently warm your home. Please see more information here or call us for advice. More information please click HERE

The category your repair falls under will be decided when you contact us. You can find out more about the categories below.

We group repairs under three types:

    • Emergency – carried out within 4 hours of being reported
    • Urgent – carried out within 3 calendar days of being reported
    • Routine – carried out within 28 calendar days of being reported.

We understand that if you are frail, elderly or disabled or are a supported housing service user things that go wrong in your home can be more than just an inconvenience.

We will always prioritise repairs for frail, elderly or disabled customers and supported housing service users, particularly for things like broken heating systems where your health may quickly be affected if the system is out of action. If you live in a care home or in sheltered housing we will automatically give your repair request a higher priority.


How do we prioritise repairs?

The types of repair are split into three categories (depending upon the urgency of the work) which each have a maximum target to complete the job:

Emergency – 4 hours

Urgent – 72 hours

Routine – 28 calendar days

Emergency repairs – within 4 hours

Emergency repairs are those that pose an immediate risk to a customer’s health and safety or security, or if left incomplete, may cause immediate damage to the home.

Emergency repairs include, but are not limited to:

Inside the Home

  • gas leaks
  • blocked toilet if it is the only one
  • leaking soil stack pipe
  • collapsed or bulging ceilings
  • a water leak that cannot be contained inside a property (or a bucket cannot contain it overnight)
  • a loss of power and/or lighting to a part of the property
  • total loss of electricity or a total loss of water
  • checking electrics after flooding/ water penetration
  • forced entry and replacement of lock where a person is locked out or inside the property (which will be recharged unless a crime reference number is provided)
  • re-securing doors where the property is not secure
  • repairs to dangerous or exposed wires, power, lighting sockets or fittings

Outside the Home

  • a leak/burst pipe outside the property and checks to electrics following this
  • removal of broken glass

Communal Areas

  • serious blockages to main drains
  • removal of broken glass
  • repairs to communal area floor covering
  • removal of glass in communal areas
  • a broken-down lift (where someone is trapped in it)
  • offensive or discriminatory graffiti.

Customers should not have to wait more than 4 hours for a contractor to come to their home and make an emergency repair safe, although in some cases we may have to return at a later date to complete the full repair.

Once the problem has been made safe, the emergency repair job will be closed and if more work is needed, a new repair job will be opened immediately.

We aim to be clear about what will happen if a second visit is needed. Where possible, the second repair job will be scheduled while the operative is still in the home to give the customer the date and time of the next appointment. For out-of-hour emergencies, the customer will be contacted on the next working day.

Urgent repairs – within 72 hours

Urgent repairs are repairs that are inconvenient, affect the comfort of the customer and which, if left incomplete, may cause damage to the home. Urgent repairs include but are not limited to:

Inside the Home

  • loss of heating or hot water (emergency temporary heating units will be provided in the interim)
  • repair/ replacement of defective locks to external doors
  • loss of lighting
  • repairs to immersion heaters
  • defective smoke or carbon monoxide alarms that are permanently wired in
  • rotten timber floor boards or stair tread (make safe)
  • internal leaks that can be controlled using a bucket or bowl
  • partial loss of water supply or a continuous overflow
  • toilet not flushing or a loose, cracked or broken WC toilet seat, sink, bath or wash hand basin
  • taps which will not turn off
  • rain penetration from roof or guttering into property
  • badly cracked glass
  • broken or damaged banister rails

Outside the Home

  • making buildings safe after storm damage
  • Communal Areas
  • loss of lighting in external communal areas
  • broken door entry systems
  • dangerous walls or fences that divide residents’ individual gardens (make safe)
  • pest infestations in communal areas
  • broken paths or other paved areas provided by Barrade
  • broken or damaged banister rails
  • repairs to public staircases
  • removal of glass in communal areas.

Routine repairs – within 28 calendar days

Routine repairs are repairs that cause inconvenience but do not pose an immediate risk to a customer’s health and safety. Routine repairs include but are not limited to:

Inside the Home

  • replacement of internal doors, locks, handles and architrave
  • re-plastering or patch repairs to ceilings
  • chimney pot, cowl or stack
  • inspection chamber cover / gulley grid missing /damaged
  • broken extractor fan to internal kitchen or bathroom
  • repair /replacement of skirting
  • garage door locks or repairs to garages – on planned basis once identified
  • minor repairs to doors, drawers, shelves, worktops, curtain rails and battens
  • replacement of doors, drawers and worktops
  • re-plastering or patch repairs larger than can be filled with decorators filler
  • bath panels
  • repair, re-washer or replacement of dripping taps
  • re-fix or replace tiles or slates or ridge tiles, flashings, etc which are not causing water ingress
  • non-urgent repairs to staircases
  • internal plastering repairs
  • wall tiles and splash backs including mastic seal around fitments

Outside the Home

  • clearance, repair or replacement blocked gutter or rainwater down pipes
  • communal TV aerials and cables
  • in most cases, securing window frames or ease and adjust if a window cannot be opened or closed
  • repair / replacement of window catches, mechanisms, handles and stays.

We aim to complete routine repairs within 28 calendar days. We will always try to be flexible to our customers’ needs and offer convenient appointment slots.


How can you contact us?

We will ask you some questions to help us understand your situation. We will then tell you the type of repair you have – we group our repairs under three types which you can read about above.

We will book an appointment for a skilled operative from our partner to visit you. We will do our best to find a date and time that is convenient for you so we can resolve your problem.

Click here to report a non-emergency repair online, for emergency repairs and other enquiries please click here to contact us. If your call is made after 5pm you will be redirected to our emergency out of hours service.


What should you tell us when reporting a repair?

When reporting a repair please give us as much information as possible – tell us your name, address, telephone number, nature of repair, location of repair, preferred access days, times etc. We need this information so we can inform our partner contractor what needs to be done and they can be prepared. THIS INFORMATION IS BETTER COMMUNICATED BY TEXT OR EMAIL.


What repairs are customers responsible for?

Customers are responsible for carrying out any repairs that are caused by accidental damage, misuse or neglect. This includes any damage caused by friends and visitors to your home.

Customers are also responsible for:

  • interior decorations;
  • gardening and grass cutting;
  • replacing light bulbs;
  • broken windows;
  • door handles and latches inside;
  • replacing keys and locks if you have lost your key or it has broken in the lock;
  • clearing blockages to sinks and basins if you have caused the blockage; and
  • TV aerials (unless you have a shared aerial that we have provided), phone lines, satellite and cable TV, and broadband.

If we have to lift any laminate flooring that you have fitted to carry out a repair, you are responsible for refitting it. We cannot be held responsible for any costs you may have to pay for re-laying or replacing this type of flooring.


What repairs are Barrade Ltd responsible for?

As your landlord we must make sure that your home is structurally sound and weather tight, and that you are provided with hot water and a means to keep your home warm.

The type of repairs that we will carry out include repairs to:

  • heating and hot water;
  • electrical wiring, sockets and light fittings;
  • plumbing;
  • roofs, outside walls, windows and doors;
  • drains and gutters;
  • inside walls, floors and ceilings;
  • kitchen units installed by us; and
  • baths, basins and toilets.

Please consult your Tenancy Agreement for more details.


What repairs will we charge customers for?

We will charge you if we have to carry out a repair to your home that you are responsible for. You will generally need to pay before we carry out the work and we will charge you the full cost of the repair plus an administration fee and VAT.

We will discuss details on repairs we are charging for, if this applies.